JNC Helicopter tours and Charters

We are a team of passionate aviators ready to take you flying on our variety of helicopter rides and adventures. JNC Helicopters is perfectly situated on the beautiful South African coastline at the Virginia Airport, Durban. Due to our versatility and high safety standard we have an extensive range of options for you. Offering several stunning helicopter tours along the coast, as well as inland mountain top picnics to treat you and your someone special. For business and corporate needs we will have you arriving in style. Lets also cut down your travel time to those hard to reach sites such as in the Transkei to improve your company’s effectiveness. We can certainly accomplish all of your aviation requirements.

Learning to Fly?

If you are looking to not only enjoy the flight but to be the pilot as well, look no further. We are a well established and licensed Aviation Training Organisation with many years training aspiring pilots. Our dedicated instructors are ready and waiting at our professional facility to help you accomplish your dream of flight.. Our team is able to take you from the very beginning of your training up to receiving your Private pilot licence, as well as onto qualifying as a Commercial pilot to start your aviation career. We also offer additional ratings to help further your career and allow you to pursue different types of flying.

The JNC team takes pride in being able to offer all our clients a personal and professional aviation experience which will leave you with your eyes turned skyward, longing for more. With our operation open 365 days a year, take a tour of our website or contact us today to find out more and let us turn your dream into a reality.

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    Our details

Phone:   (+27) 31 563 9513

Email:   flightops@choppers.co.za

Address:   1 Virginia Airport, Durban North, Durban, 4051