Aerial Photography

As helicopters are so versatile they make for an effective platform for aerial photography in the operational environment. Over the years JNC Helicopters has been and currently is involved in a number of still and video photography projects.

With our aerial photography experience the city of Durban has utilized us to showcase Durban for tourism development. We have also worked closely with engineering firms on their large construction sights to track development progress through still shots. Our pilots have also become integral parts for the finding of the perfect angle in well known cycle, running and canoeing adventure races.

JNC Helicopters is proud to be a part of such exciting endeavors. Our teams often bring back pictures and exciting stories of their time involved in these events. Listed below are a few of these events that we have been involved in which we gladly share with you.

Race the Wild Coast Aerial Photography

A new breed of long distance horse racing which takes place along South Africa's stunning Transkei coast line. JNC Helicopters has been involved every year since the first race took place in 2016. An adventure race which saw not only the riders testing their skills but our team as well. Due to the nature of the coast and how fast the horses cover distance the helicopter was clearly the only viable option to capture this amazing race.

The race takes place over 5 days with over night stays along the coast as we work our way southwards. The JNC team worked really hard to capture some amazing footage while also keeping the crews ahead of the horses. In the end a great experience was had by all and the team came back just as excited as the riders. You can find more information about this epic event here at Rocket horse racing and also see some additional footage captured by our team.