Crop Spraying

JNC Helicopters has been involved in the crop spraying service industry for an extensive period of time. Our satellite base operates out of Wellington in the Western Cape of South Africa. This is due to the high demand for a committed team to support the local farmers in the area. As a result we have been able to expanded and include operations in Tzaneen and the Orange river areas.

We initially started out fruit fly baiting but soon grew to encompass other aspects of the aerial application industry. Our team soon entered into the fields of bush clearing, vegetable crop spraying and granular applications to just name a few. Our recent involvement in international operations for aerial application allows us to keep expanding our skill sets. The team gained and improved on our knowledge due to the challenging conditions operated in which has helped us improve all our operations.


Crop spraying effectiveness

Our fleet of 10 helicopters dedicated to the role of aerial application ensures our operation is highly effective. To compliment our aircraft is a dedicated ground crew team fully kitted out to assist the aircraft on the job. The team accomplished good turn around rates due to them working closely together in an efficient and safe manner. The modern day demands for you to have good yields has led to the helicopter becoming a must have asset. Our teams are capable of servicing all types of fields in a timelessly manner for the results you require.

JNC Helicopters is ready to assist you with helicopter utilization for your increasing crop demands. Due to our 10 years experience in the field we have the knowledge to assist you with all your requirements. Contact us at our satellite base directly and let one of our friendly team guide you to find the best solution.