From what age can you start training for a Helicopter Licence?

15 years of age for you to be eligible to start training
16 years of age for you to fly solo
17 years of age for you to obtain a Private Pilot Licence
18 years of age for you to obtain a Commercial Pilot Licence

How many hours of flying do you require to earn your Private Pilot Licence?

A minimum of 50 hours flying time is required in order for you to be able to test for the Private Pilot Licence

What is the time frame for a Private and Commercial Pilot Licence?

The time frame varies from student to student, it all depends on your availability to train and effort put in on your part. On average the Private Pilot licence takes 4-6 months and the Commercial Pilot Licence 1-2 years.

How does JNC Helicopters structure the payments for their courses?

JNC Helicopters requires a deposit to be paid and thereafter you can “pay as you fly.” As long as you are in credit you can continue with your training. This allows you to structure your training according to what you can afford.

What Helicopters do you use for training?

The helicopter used for your training depends on your weight category. Should you be 95kg or less, you can train in the Robinson R22 and if you are over 95kg then you will train in the Robinson R44.

Are there specific High School subjects that are required?

There are no specific subjects that you require apart from being able to speak, write and read English.

When do the training courses start?

There are no specific dates to start the courses, you can join and begin at any time of the year.


Are children allowed on the flights?

Children over the age of 2 years are welcome to fly as long as they occupy their own seat.

How long before the flight must I arrive?

Passengers must be at reception 15min before the flight is to take place.

Are there weight limits per flight?

Yes there are weight limits per seat, the weight & balance of the aircraft must be calculated when booking a flight. Any luggage you bring on board will also contribute to the weight limitations.

What must I bring with on the day of the flight?

We don’t need you to bring anything specific for the flight.

Can I use my cell phone or camera whilst on the flight?

Yes that isn’t a problem; you can take photos and even go on Facebook or Instagram to post them whilst on the flight. Please tag us!

How will I know if the weather isn’t suitable on the day?

We will contact you should the weather not be suitable or if you are unsure you are welcome to give us a call.  Should you not hear from us then the flight will take place. If we cancel the flight then you have option to reschedule to another date that is suitable for you.

How much in advance must I book my flight?

The earlier you book the better the chance you will have of securing the date and time of your choice.