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JNC Helicopters has for many years operated a diverse fleet and therefore is able to offer effective aircraft for your helicopter charter, training and other specialized services. As a result of our long history on the different types listed below you may feel confident in our capable hands. 

Between our well trained pilots who are qualified on each aircraft type specifically and our engineers who maintain all our aircraft to the strictest standards we can ensure your safety is our highest priority. With you providing the details for your intended flight and our expertise we can certainly deliver the perfect aircraft for you. Please see below what aircraft we are able to offer in addition to what functions they will be able to perform for you.

Ab InitioTraining | Hour Building | Game Capture and Crop Spraying | Aerial Photography

Robinson 22

The Robinson R22 is a small helicopter able to take 1 passenger. The perfect entry level machine into the world of aviation due to its design and simplicity which allows the aircraft to be both functional and cost effective.

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Helicopter rides | Corporate charters | Aerial Survey/Photography | Game Capture and crop spraying

Robinson 44

The Robinson R44 is a small helicopter able to take 3 passengers. With the improvement on size while still keeping the design simple and cost effective this aircraft quickly became one of the most popular aircraft on the market.

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Helicopter rides | Corporate and VIP transport | Under-sling operations | Aerial Photography

Robinson 66

The Robinson R66 is a mid sized helicopter able to take 4 passengers. In addition to upgrading to a new engine this recent design was able to take advantage of the developments in the industry to gain performance and comfort.

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Corporate, VIP transport | Under-sling operations | Medical/Rescue Support | Aerial Survey / Filming / Photography

Bell LongRanger B206 L3

The LongRanger is a larger VIP configured helicopter able to take 6 passengers. Due to the success of the smaller variant, the LongRanger was designed with the same iconic innovations while also increasing seating capacity which certainly improved its functionality.

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