Specialized Operations

Do More With Your Licence

By obtaining additional ratings as a pilot, you can expand your skillset and perform more specialized operations. These ratings can significantly enhance your employability and propel your already exciting career to new heights.


Night Rating

About The Rating

This rating allows you to be able to fly the helicopter at night. Required by some types of operations and your instrument rating


Instructor Rating

The pilot sits in the helicopter cockpit.

About The Rating

A great rating for a new commercial pilot to do to increase employment opportunities. This rating gives you the ability to teach upcoming aviators.


Turbine Rating

About The Rating

To fly more advanced and bigger aircraft a turbine conversion on the aircraft is required. JNC Helicopters offers students the option of moving on to these aircraft and receiving their type rating with our training program.


Instrument Rating

About The Rating

A rating that is most beneficial for later in a pilot’s career. This rating allows one to fly in foul weather conditions and is often a requirement for advanced machines flown later in one’s career.

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