Vehicle tracking

We have always known that to have a birds eye view (Which you can experience with our helicopter rides in Durban) provides a great advantage in all situations. Due to this ability helicopters would find utilization in search and rescue early on in their development. As the world progressed and changed a new problem arose in the form of vehicle theft. With no immediate solution to assist companies in finding their stolen vehicles agencies had to think out the box for an effective platform. the world would once again call upon helicopters to fulfill the role of eye in the sky. The vehicle tracking industry had begun and JNC Helicopters would soon take on the task.

vehicle tracking helicopter

A successful Vehicle tracking recovery

JNC Helicopters is and has partnered with a number of vehicle tracking and recovery companies over the years. When your vehicle has been stolen the operator is notified and the helicopter takes off within 15 minutes. The team of pilot and tracker work closely together to zone in on the signal of the stolen vehicle. The tracking team inspects all possibilities and escape routes to ensure a thorough search has been completed. Due to the visual advantage provided by the helicopter not many places are available for the criminal to hide.

With the introduction of better technology the search areas have become smaller as the signal location becomes more accurate. Shortly after responding the helicopter begins directing ground teams to potential targets within the search area. With our helicopter and  the ground team working together a high success rate is achieved and soon your vehicle is found. Searching from a helicopter has revolutionized vehicle tracking due to the fast response times and ease of searching. JNC Helicopters is proud to be apart of an industry that protects your possessions. JNC Helicopters has achieved a high vehicle recovery rate over the years and continues to maintain the success.